Tuesday, October 9, 2012

texture tuesday

just finished the round trip class kim offers and i must say it's awesome. i highly recommend it.
i'm having so much fun now playing in lightroom.
all editing of this picture i did in lightroom. i finished it off with a final touch of texture in pse
kk_naturally soft light 43%


  1. One day I'll be able to partake of that class...but until then, good to have your recommendation. Is anything Kim does EVER not worthwhile?! Your road has widened. That's an exciting place to be!

  2. Neat and artistic editing choice. I am wanting to do more photography learning and just found out about Kim.

  3. wonderlicious!!! Kim is an absolute gem. good to hear such wondrous things about her other offerings. I just did her Skinny Mini in August and FINALLY am playing in PSE8 which I got for Christmas 2009!!!