Thursday, October 4, 2012

beyond layers week 37 - inspiration

this weeks challenge was to find inspiration from the book cover 'Beautiful Disaster'
no photo inspiration came to mind so i started a layout in pse using the two textures kim
gave us.  kk_naturally (normal 100%) and kk_steelish (hardlight 80%)
from there i added the jar and than started using different shapes and brushes
moving, re-sizing and re-arranging them all.
i could have kept going and going, but finally decided to stop here...


  1. Wow! This is sooooooo very lovely!
    Love the arrangement of the different shapes. The color tones are so subtle and beautiful. What an inspiring composition, I could look at it for hours.
    Have a nice day... Alexandra

  2. Oh, this is delightful! I wish I had a clue how to do stuff like this. So sweet!

  3. Oh I just LOVE this... what a beautiful image for our challenge.
    (Seen in Beyond Layers)