Friday, January 27, 2012

week two beyond layers - vision and blur

it seems mother nature didn't want to share her natural light with me the last few days. so instead i made a little corner in the spare room into a pseudo white room. not the best but with the help of ACR...

for this assignment, the single word i chose (or rather it chose me) was moment (in time).
i than set out to find the picture. like kim and her beautiful old listerine jar, i have this green bottle (and a blue one) that i've kept for years – never doing much with, but i just love their shape and color.

today the green one became my picture along with a stem snipped off a plastic bouquet of colorful flowers. to digress for a moment... every fall, after the flowers have gone i head to the dollar store to pick up a colorful bouquet of plastic flowers and plant them in a pot of dirt that sits right outside my back door. i just love colorful flowers and what better place than the back door to enjoy summer flowers throughout the winter months.
anyway, this stem with the butterfly looked to be the 'one'.  i set up the still and experimented with many different settings and after some tweaking in ACR here was my 'moment'.
i added kim klassen's texture 'simplicity' soft light 100%, than another layer of soft light 100% to burn the edges. the font is called 1942 report. enjoy