Saturday, January 21, 2012

week one beyond layers - just enough

first weeks assignment from kim klessen's beyond layers course is to keep it simple... just enough processing, just enough texture, just enough color, just enough... not too much... go light... go easy.  who would have thought 'keep it simple' would be so challenging.  i looked back at my photos/art and i sure haven't incorporated this style into much.  so... here's my first 'just enough'  i set the stage with something simple... a great cup of tea and a great read.  i applied a few adjustment layers (hue/sat and levels) and added 'awaken' screen 61% and 'awaken' rotated vertical soft light 37%.  i'm already liking this simple/just enough style.  by the way... the great (current) read is 'the china study' if you're interested in nutrition have a look at this book - it's awesome


  1. Beautiful! And there's something about the glasses that makes it just perfect! BTW- I LOVED your quote at the top of your blog so much that it made me a smidge teary! So much so, that I added it to my blog post for tomorrow. Thanks for showcasing such inspiring words!! xoxo! Brooke :)

  2. So soft, as if from a dream. Excellent image!!